Using UUIDv6 or v7 as primary key in Ecto

UUIDs are a great choice for primary keys in PostgreSQL. However, not all UUIDs were created equal. This post discusses the pros and cons of different UUID formats and explains how to use newer formats in Ecto for Elixir.

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Absinthe Tips and Tricks: Generic Types

Over the years, I have developed a big collection of modules and macros that I copy and paste in all Elixir projects using Absinthe. It is high time I started sharing my experience with the community. Today I present a simple way to build “generic” types.

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Learning iOS and Swift. Day 22: Generic input field, toolbar

I spent the whole evening going through tutorials and working on my side project, Ngöndro Tracker, leaving little time to post updates to the blog. Among others, I implemented a text field component with label, a helper to initialize colors from CSS hex strings, and began work on the view to edit practice settings.

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